WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical. Youth and adult non-smokers should not vape.
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SmokeVape.ca is an online store owned by Nibo Distribution.

NIBO Distribution is a Canadian distributor of Vape and Smoking accessories located in Toronto. We are a B2B (Cash & Carry) and B2C (smokevape.ca) Distributor of Bongs, Vape Pens, Pods, and Disposable Vapes, Water Pipes, Hand Pipes, Oil Burner Pipes, Shisha, Rolling Paper, Rigs, Grinders, Lighters, Pocket Scales, Air Freshener, Containers, and all other Smoking accessories brands In-store (Cash & Carry) and Online (smokevape.ca)

Here at NIBO Distribution, we offer quality products at lower prices with an emphasis on providing prompt and friendly service. We are always looking to meet the needs of our customers and expand our range, creating a great shopping experience for our customers. Specialized in everything from heady glass down to your everyday basic piece. We carry a large and diverse range including beakers, percolator bongs and dab rigs, and all the associated spares and accessories that go with them.

Our aim is to please and assist in any way we can and to keep expanding our range and improving our service to your business.

600 Clayson Road North York - ON, M9M2H2 - Canada
(416) 781-0307
We are not open to public or in-person purchase for Retail Consumers. Please make your order online and wait for an email informing your order is ready for Curbside Pick-Up.
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