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STLTH LOOP 2 9K - Pods [Stamped]



Ships from Canada

*Single Device only available in retail price

*It's recommended to use STLTH LOOP 9K Pods exclusively with the LOOP 2 Device from start to finish.

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STLTH LOOP 2 - Pods:

Introducing the  STLTH LOOP 2 Closed Pod System, a hybrid vape that aims to mesh the capacity and convenience of disposable vapes with the simplicity of classic pre-filled pods:

Convenient LED Screen: Below the e-liquid indicator, the LED screen includes a battery indicator, providing easy-to-understand and accurate battery level information at a glance.

Customizable Airflow Control: The STLTH LOOP 2 Device features an airflow control slider, allowing for precise adjustment to match your vaping preference to ensure a satisfying experience every time.

Long-Lasting Battery: With an impressive 850 mAh battery capacity, the STLTH LOOP 2 Device offers all-day vaping without the need for frequent recharging, keeping you powered up and ready to vape whenever you need.

Extended Vaping Experience: The brand-new STLTH LOOP 9K Pod offers up to 9000 puffs and a generous 17 mL e-liquid capacity, providing an extended vaping experience that satisfies your cravings for days on end.

Diverse Flavour Options: Choose from a wide selection of 30 flavours with the STLTH LOOP 9K Pods, ranging from refreshing iced varieties to classic non-iced flavours. With such a diverse range of options, there's something to suit every taste preference.

Vape Forward: e-Liquid indicator compatible with STLTH LOOP 9K Pods. This practical feature displays the e-liquid level of your pod, eliminating the guesswork and ensuring you know exactly when it's time to get a new 9K Pod. The e-liquid indicator will know how much liquid remains in your pod even if you remove the pod and put it back in later, or are using multiple pods interchangeably.

**For optimal performance of the e-liquid indicator feature in the STLTH LOOP 2 Device, it's recommended to use STLTH LOOP 9K Pods exclusively with the LOOP 2 Device from start to finish. This ensures seamless communication between the pod and the device, providing accurate e-liquid level readings throughout the pod's usage.


  • Up to 9000 Puffs
  • 17 ml e-liquid
  • E-liquid Indicator (for STLTH LOOP 9K Pods)
  • Precise Airflow Control
  • Battery Indicator
  • 85o mAh Battery
  • 30 flavours available

*Single Device only available in retail price

Additional information

Weight 80 g
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 7 cm
Excise Stamp




Nicotine (mg)

Volume or Capacity





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