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RAW Tips 50 Original



Ships from Canada

"Chlorine & Chemical free 50 Tips per pack 50 Packs/Box"

In stock

In stock


RAW Tips 50 Original:

"Chlorine & Chemical free 50 Tips per pack 50 Packs/Box"

RAW Tips 50-NonWideRAW Tips are made on an antique Fourdrinier paper machine.

Whereas RAW papers are made in Alcoy Spain, we only have machines to produce thin paper in Alcoy. For the thick tipping paper we had to travel to an old paper mill in Northern China that was still using an original Fourdrinier.

This was the only place we could find that still had one of these old machines in use, which we needed to make the special long-fiber paper for RAW tips. Want to know more? Modern paper mills use small-structure cellulose to make paper. The original paper mills used fiber instead. For tipping paper to perform best, it needs to be made from fiber ? not just boiled cellulose. Fiber-based tips roll smooth AND have enough structural rigidity to both keep its shape in your mouth AND to not dissolve.

There are precious few of the original Fourdrinier paper machines in use because they are antiques and expensive to operate. We were lucky to find this old mill, it's the only one in the world.

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Weight 226.9776 g
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 5 cm


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